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Data Sharing Statement

Social Prescribing Lincolnshire is a service provided by NHS and community-based organisations working together. The aim of the service is to connect people with local community services for information, advice and support.

In order to provide your patient / client with the social prescribing service, the information you give on this form will be shared with local social prescribing service providers and a note of the referral may be added to the patient’s GP records.

We recognise that this form asks for some sensitive information to help us direct your enquiry appropriately.The fields marked * are necessary in order to process the referral.

Your patient / client has rights regarding their personal data, including seeing what data is held, and to make sure it’s accurate and up to date.Their data is stored electronically in a secure, password -protected system called Social RX Connect.Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team(LVET) hosts the Social RX Connect system, and our privacy policy is available on the website:

If you have explained this to your patient/client and they agree to share their information please select Yes below.